Honey Press (Warre Extractor)

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Manufactured by Quarti Beekeeping in Bergamo, Italy. 

We are privilaged to be exclusive importers of Quarti products in Australia.


This 20cm diameter stainless steel press has several uses.

Honey press for Warre frames.

Cappings and broken comb press for sideline beekeeper business or large scale hobby beekeeper. 

Fruit press for hobby cider makers. 


For small scale sideline beekeepers, this press will easly repay its cost in recovered honey and wax.

A quality Quarty product, it will deliver years of reliable service. 


To remove wax after pressing honey:

- unwind press and realease steel cage containing wax

- place cage with wax in suitable bucket

- pour boiling water over wax and cage to soften wax

- easily scrap soft wax off cage

- add cold water to remaining wax. Rinse and drain wax for melting. 

- reassemble press for next use.