Extractor - Quarti 15 Frame Radial

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Manufactured by Quarti Beekeeping in Bergamo, Italy. 

We are privilaged to be exclusive importers of Quarti products in Australia. 

It's our belief these extractors are best available in Australia for value and quality. 

Extractor drum manufactured from food grade stainless steel. Electric motor German manufacture 110 Watt - for a reliable and long life. 

Simple, uncluttered, elegant design facilitates easy operation and cleaning. All size frames can be extracted - full depth, WSP or Ideal. 

Plastic Quarti honey gate will give years of leak free use.

For safety, lid incorporates a delay switch. Machine will not operate without lid fully closed. 

Frames extracted in a radial extractor do not need to reversed as in a tangential machine. 


If you are a serious hobby beekeeper or small sideline business, this is the machine for you. Certainly if you run 10 to 20 hives, life will be easier with this machine! 

We have sold this machine for a number of years and confidently stand by its reliability and value for money. 

Capacity: 15 full depth or 27 Ideal frames

Diameter: 700mm

Motor: German electric 11W

Gate: Quarti plastic

Drum: Food grade stainless steel