Assembled-Super-Honey Box With Assembled Wired Frames 8 Frames

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Assembled-Super-Honey Box:

Joints: Finger Width: 406 mm Depth: 243 mm Thickness: 22 mm

Manufacturing: Made of premium New Zealand radiata pine timber in our own factory under strict quality control.

Assembly: 44-Screws per box

Finish: White

Aesthetics: Boxes are wax dipped at 180 degrees. A coat of primer and 2 finish coats.  


Assembled Wired Frames:

Made from New Zealand Radiata Pine Timber.  

Wire:stainless spring steel AISI304, dia: 0.375.

Eyelets: 2.5mm diameter and 4.5-mm long.

Frames are stapled with 19-22 mm staple pins, 3 staples on each side of top bar and 2 staple pins on each side of bottom bar. 10 pins per frame.