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Ventilated 3 layer Overall with Hood exclusive to HBS

Was: $124.99
Now: $105.00

We believe our exclusive ventilated beekeeping overall to be the very best in the Australian market for price, quailty and value. 

Three layers of open weave fabric for airflow on hot days.

Depth of the three layers puts space between you and bee stings - this suit is almost sting free (not 100%!).

Velcro tabs at cuffs and ankles.

Heavy duty METAL zips for durabily. 

Throw over 'Sherriff' style hood. 

Heavy duty material at wear points.

Plenty of pockets for useful items and tools.

'Hat veil' option available.


Suitable for all hobby beekeepers - beginner or experienced. 

One of our commercial beekeepers swears by this suit. As his work is extremely heavy, he purchases regular replacements. At this price point, he considers it a good value business expense. 


Made to our own design and specification, this suit is only available at Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies.






Please check size chart before placing your order.

Pretty Cool in summer. Excellent protection against bee sting.