Swarm Commander (2 OZS/59 ml)

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Capturing a swarm can be challenging for a beginner beekeeper. This product makes it easier for beginner and experienced beekeepers alike.

Swarm Commander is the #1 swarm attractant in America. Give yourself an edge capturing a swarm with this reliable, easy-to use spray. 

  • Contains a mixture of oils that mimic the Nasonov pheromone bees use to mark their colony

  • High mist sprayer makes it easy to bait your hive

  • 59mL/2oz bottle should give you at least 100 applications

  • 4 sprays will have your hive baited for 7-10 days 

  • Product of the USA

If you are attempting to capture a swarm from your own apiary, we recommend that you place your bait hive 150-200 metres away from the hive that is about to swarm.