S21 Bee Farmer - Vest and Hood


VEIL: Black Nylon Mesh. Veil not detachable. VEST: White Nylon Net. All openings are elasticated and can be adjusted. SIZES: S-M chest 34 - 40inch / 86-101cm L-EL chest 40-46inch / 101 - 117cm

The cool and practical sleeveless Bee Farmer, rib-cage length, net vest with veil is designed to be worn under your coverall/boilersuit.

There is a single horizontal collar zip with ring-pull, which when undone, allows the hood to be drawn back over the head to rest on the shoulders until needed but is not detachable.

The Bee Farmer has the same ©ClearView veil used in all Sherriff garments which not only offers exceptional vision but is light and airy too.

All openings are elasticated and can be tightened or adjusted.

Hood: Quality Polyester Cotton

Veil: Black nylon mesh

Vest: White 100% polyseter netting.