Pierce Electric Uncapping Knife - 'Speed King' USA

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Pierce 'Speed King' - The origional and best electric uncapping knife!

Invented and patented by Paul Pierce in 1941, the Pierce Speed King electric uncapping knife has been copied, but never bettered.

This knife is used worldwide by proffessional and hobby beekeepers. We import these knives from the origional manufacturer in Southern California USA. 

Made from food grade 304 stainless steel.

10" long and 2" wide with turned wood handle.

Sealed thermostat in blade - factory set, ready to use out of box. Pre-calibrated at correct uncapping temperature.

8 foot grounded electric cord.


This is the only electric knife we sell. 


Use caution with this product. 

The knife is sharp and works at high temperture.

Stabilise honey frame to be cut.

Always cut cappings downwards and away from you.

Between uncappings switch knife OFF and unplug from electricity.

Clean with damp cloth when warm NOT HOT.