Package bees - PICKUP ONLY


Italian Bees

Package contains 4lbs of bees and a mated queen. Each pound of bees is likely to contain an average of 3500-4000 bees. A 4-pound package should be equivalent to 12000-14000 bees depending upon nectar flow.

Packages of bees can be pre-ordered, and will be available end of October early November.  We will notify you a day or two before the packages are ready to be collected.

Please note that live bee packages cannot be sent by mail. Please choose whether you wish to collect from the Hornsby or Mt Druitt branch.

Note: Packages of bees normally have a waiting time for 15-20 Days depending upon breeding conditions. 


Tips for installing Packages of Bees

Do not install packages in an existing yard of bees--they will drift into an established hive.

Far better to install on or after dark to stop drifting. If you try to install in a daylight on a warm day, major drifting will occur and you may even end up with huge swarms hanging in the tree.

Feed strong white sugar solution for at least a week to helps bees draw few frames.

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