Hive Kit Assembled 8 Frames Single

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NOTE: This kit is without beetle trap. HBS strongly recommend to buy small hive beetle trap.

Assembled hive comes with

Assembled Ready to Go, move bees in straight away

  1. Base: 10-mm weathertex board. 25-mm Wax dipped and painted riser hooked on the base. Cleats helps in raising hive from ground. No further treatment required. 
  2. Box: Hot wax dipped and painted box. No further treatment required.
  3. Lid: 10-mm weathertex board for insulation, metal tin to avoid possible damage from severe weather conditions, and Wax dipped and painted rim with 4-Vents nailed on.
  4. Frames Assembled and Wired: Ready to put foundations. Frames wire tacked by nails, glued, eyelets, stainless spring steel wire. Pretty solid construction.

Pretty handy kit to have for all time. Economical and efficient to use. Perfect partner to catch swarm.