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Extractor - Quarti 3 Frame BENCH-Italian

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Manufactured by Quarti Beekeeping in Bergamo, Italy. 

We are privilaged to be exclusive importers of Quarti products in Australia. 

This 3 frame manual bench top extractor is ideal for hobby beekeepers with limited storage space. 

Manufactured from best quality food grade stainless steel, its uncluttered design facilitates easy orperation and cleaning. 

Plastic Quarti honey gate - leak free and reliable. 

Perspex lid and nylon gears - spares available if ever needed. 


Priced higher than Chinese made extractors, but streets ahead for long term durability and service. 


Best suited to small hobby beekeepers of less than 5 hives. 

Will take full depth, WSP and Ideal frames.



 Material: SS Food Grade Tub

Gear: Nylon

Brake: No

Legs: NA

Lid: Transparent Diameter (mm): 370