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Extractor - Kunstelj 4 frame HOTTIE

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Manufactured by the Kunstelj Family in Slovenia. 

We belive this extractor to be the very best for quality and design available in the Australian market. 

Extractor body is high quality, heavy duty, food grade stainless steel.

Smooth, efficent gears move the heaviest honey frames with ease.

Extractor basket is of uncluttered elegant design, for easy use and cleaning. Extracts all size frames - full depth, WSP or Ideal.

Welded gate port for FULL honey drain - no leftover honey below the honey gate!

Quality of this extractor is second to none. Rare secondhand Kunstelj extractors do not last long in the market. 


This manual Kunstelj extractor can be easily fitted with an electric motor. 

Purchase this machine with a view to upgrade later. 


Best suited up to 20 hives.

That said, this machine has been purchased by small commercial beekeepers (100+ hives) who appreciate Kunstelj's durability and value for money.  

Not the cheapest 4 frame radial - but certainly the best.

This is a one per lifetime purchase - you will leave this machine to your grandchildren!



Material: Stainless Steel Food Grade

Gear: Metal Powder Coated

Brake: Yes

Legs: Forged

Lid: Transparent

Grid Measure(mm): 450x280

Dimensions(HxD) (mm): 1100x530

Weight: 23.5 Kg