Display/Exhibition 5-Frames Nuc Hive


Many people fear bees because they do not understand them. For that reason, display/observation hives are important and helpful for facilitating new encounters and opening up minds.

This is an excellent teaching tool in classrooms, farmers' markets, and even homes. It's also great for showing off your bees in showrooms or learning more about the little lives you care for. Reflect on your life as you observe the life of the hive!

  • 5-frame nuc box for brood with a ventilated bottom.
  • Crafted with Newzealand Radiata Pine
  • Top access for feeding (two punched holes for feeding water or sugar syrup)
  • Fully assembled, lacquered and ready to use!


Note: This display hive doesn't come with the frame, Toggle Clamps or Perspex.