Beetle off- Entrance Hive Beetle Trap 8-F

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Complete kit suited for Arched entrance/25-mm 4-pieces risers with arched entrance. Separate kit for 8-Frames and 10-Frames Hives

Beetle Off Sydtem works by preventing entry of small hive beetles into the beehive. This is acheived by using a modified entrance with a perforated landing platform on which beetles can't land, since they can't hover. The height of the platform above the bottom boards prevents them climbing up, and the side panels seal the arched entrance of the bottom board. The system has been carefully developed so that it is stronger, lasts longer and prevents heavy rain water inside hive.

For best results, use system with a meshed bottom board. This combined with a tray of fine diatomaceous earth or vegetable oil, helps to kill any beetles already in the hive.