Base - meshed - ventilated-screened-Varroa- 8 Frames

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A mesh bottom base allows you to carry out crucial varroa surveillance without opening the hive. All you need is a piece of corflute or cardboard and some Vaseline. Please click this link for detailed instructions.

Beauty about our mesh bottom is it covers the whole brood chamber-One won't miss a mite count-if any......

The mesh bottom board is one of the best things you can do to manage hive beetle; if you use this base in combination with a beetle trap you will be trapping both the beetles at the top of the hive and the ones that are defeated by the mesh. 

We have experimented and improved upon this design over a number of years. The mesh has a wide border at the entrance to conserve pollen. The custom-made plastic tray is deep enough to hold a generous amount of oil without overflowing.

This is one of our most popular hive components, and a favorite with HBS staff. Some of us have been running them for years. 

  • Timber wax-dipped for durability

  • The mesh provides ventilation for the hive

  • Beetle fall through mesh but bees can walk over it no problem

  • Mesh and tray can be removed for cleaning, if needed

  • Sturdy plastic tray can be filled with oil or diatomaceous earth.