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Extractor 3-Frames Manual ECO

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3 Frames Manual Honey Extractor made from food grade 304 Stainless Steel ideal for the hobbyist or small apiarist. Best suited for 2-Hives.

Measuring 41cm (D) x 71cm (H) the drum is machine rolled with ridges to add extra strength in drum. Extractor comes with a Honey Gate Valve, Stainless Steel legs and 2 perspex lids to allow for easy observation during extraction. Screws are prvided for quick assembly-As per picture.

Country of origin: China

Features are: 

  • 2 clear Perspex lids to allow observation during the extraction process.

  • 3 Stainless Steel legs and a plastic honey gate.

  • Tangential spin style.

  • Distance from Gate to Ground is 39-cm enabling reasonable size bucket for honey collection.

  • Overall height of unit: 11.6-cm

  • 12 months warranty